"In December, 45 LA billboards have been transformed into public art spaces with works from emerging and established artists including Paul McCarthy and Alex Prager.  The Billboard Creative connects artists with mass audiences on the streets of LA, and bringing art into the daily routines of tens of thousands of Angelenos."

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    Brittany Marcoux and Diana Jean Puglisi will be speaking about their collaboration project, Out of Context, in 'Ideas' from 2:00-3:30pm.

    The 3rd annual New England Graduate Media Symposium is themed Assembling Bodies: Exchanges in Collaboration and will showcase projects that explore collaboration as a subject.  We invite graduates from a range of disciplines to present work and engage in panel discussions surrounding collaborative methods of artistic production that raise questions about process, community engagement, agency, authorship and conflict.  Our objective is to challenge how we think about various models and theoretical frameworks relating to collaboration and to create the opportunity for new approaches to be shared with a larger community.

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