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  • 1st Location - Richland Mall, U.S. 30, Mansfield, Ohio

    So as some of you may have read in my previous post, we were unable to fly to Alberta yesterday due to an issue with my husband’s passport. We made a crazy decision in the lobby of Logan airport to drive across the US and up into Alberta from Montana. On the upside, this meant we could snag about 5 more locations for The Shore Project on our new route. First stop: Mansfield, OHIO!

    After spending last night in PA, we woke bright and early this morning and hit the road for Mansfield. As we reached the Richland Mall around 2:00pm, we noticed the big white Lazarus tower from Shore’s 1973 photograph. As we drove closer we saw a huge construction site full of cranes, back hoes, trucks, and hard hats. Despite all of the commotion, we were able to find the right angel and begin shooting, cranes and all. After about seven minutes, we see the foreman walking towards us, neon orange safety shirt, yellow hard hat, with a curious look on his face. We explained what we were up to and showed him Shore’s photograph from 1973, he relaxed and shared a bit of knowledge with us: the mall was built in 1966, it is now a hospital, the blue tiles are leaking, they all need to be covered up.

    This goes to show you that sometimes it is better to take the route you did not plan for. Good things can happen when you take a chance. In a way, I am happy that we couldn’t get on that plane to Alberta, these tiles would have ALL been long gone by the time we planned a trip out to Ohio…and we wouldn’t have been able to talk to that curious construction man.

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    Tucked in for the night in PA, tomorrow we hit the road again bright and early, first stop: Mansfield, Ohio ✌️ I pray to god that building is still there! #ontheroad #planb #vacation #roadtrip #uncommonplaces #theshoreproject #firststop (at Quality Inn - Milesburg)

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    DAY 1: So far we are off to a rocky start but it will not stop us. Brian has a Passport CARD which is only good for land and sea travel according to the airport….on to PLAN B, we grab a rental car and we drive across our grand ol’ country and up into Alberta ✌️we might have to rush a little, but it means more locations to photograph in Ohio, Michigan, Idaho and Montana 📸🚗 Let the journey FINALLY begin! #theshoreproject #uncommonplaces #roadtrip #vacation #planb (at Mass Pike)

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    Just got our @biolitestove PowerLight Mini - ready to light us and charge us on our road trip/camping trip through Canada! 🚗⛺️🛣💡🔦 #biolite #powerlitemini #canadaroadtrip #theshoreproject #rephotography #lettherebelight #iphonechargertoo

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    In 2011 we traveled for two weeks on our honeymoon, popping up into Canada at one point in July. We found two locations in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario (shown here!). We are looking forward to heading back into Canada in a couple weeks to find an additional 15 locations! 📸🚗😎 #theshoreproject #rephotography #brittanymarcoux #canadaroadtrip #uncommonplaces (at Delta Sault Ste Marie Waterfront Hotel)

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    Brian holding ‘Uncommon Places’ up so I can be sure to get the right angle in Natural Bridge, NY from one of our road trips in 2014 ✌️🚗📸 #rephotography #uncommonplaces #brittanymarcoux #theshoreproject #naturalbridgeny #roadtrip #2014


    Follow along starting June 21st as we (my husband and I) travel through Canada collecting new locations for THE SHORE PROJECT!

  • Canada flights books + pages marked! 

    I took a little hiatus from The Shore Project while I was completed my MFA in photography at MassArt over the past two years. Sure, I was able to grab a few locations on my spring break and winter vacations, but I could not dedicate all of my attention to this project as I had done in the past.

    I just graduated from grad school and the first thing I did was plan a trip for The Shore Project and this time we are going to Canada! We leave at the end of June and will be flying into Calgary, Alberta, hopping in our rental car and heading east, photographing and camping along the way!

    Follow this blog starting June 21st and watch our progress as we slowly travel across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario!

  • Watertown, NY - June 2014

    *This was one was pretty difficult all around. The specific location was very hard to find due to a lot of structural changes to the streets, sidewalks, and nearby businesses. I believe we got as close as we could to finding the exact location. There were also ZERO people in sight. Luckily I packed my green dress just in case and decided to use myself for this shot. Maybe I will revisit this one someday, but for now it will have to do.